The best shawarma in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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My top shawarma Restaurants In Saudi Arabia

No matter where you live in Riyadh, the furthest shawarma place would be 5 minutes away. Shawarma is extremely popular here, it's a middle eastern dish made from lamb or chicken, stacked on top of each other, and roasted on a slowly turning vertical rotisserie, then cut into thin slices.

I have tried many Shawarma Restaurants In Saudi Arabia, and here is my favorite places and my menu recommendation:

Shawarma house

$$$$$ | English menu

Let's start with my favorite, Shawarma house serves all kinds of food from kebab to burgers and falafel. and the surprising thing is everything is amazing, but we are talking about shawarma today, so here are my recommendations.

Saj shawarma: a shawarma sandwich wrapped with saj bread

Shawarma burger: it's exactly what you think, burger buns with shawarma, lattice, pickles, and garlic sauce.

Spicy potatoes: potato cubes with shawarma, parsley, and spicy garlic sauce.

Arabi shawarma: saj shawarma, cut, and served with French fries, small salad, and garlic sauces.

Mama Noura


like Shawarma house, Mama Noura has a huge menu. but their shawarma menu is really simple, it's either Shawarma sandwich (the most popular way to consume shawarma in KSA) or Shawarma plate.

Shawarma sandwich: it's so good, but small, you will need 4 to 5 sandwiches to get full

Shawarma Baker


I have tried this place recently, what I like about it is that their garlic sauce is less intense than other shawarma places, so if you are craving shawarma, and plan to see someone this can be a good option.

Baker Shawarma meal: two pita bread filled with shawarma, pickles, and garlic sauce, 2 garlic sauces, French fries, and soda.


$$$$$ | English menu

Shawarmer was one of the first restaurants to reinvent how shawarma is served here in Saudi Arabia. Their regular shawarma is too basic on its own, but their Toumnar Sauce changes everything.

Shatshaweesh: shawarma sandwich with spicy garlic sauce, pickles, and jalapeno.

Brioche shawarma: fluffy Brioche buns with shawarma.

Potato Harra: potato cubes with shawarma, parsley, and garlic sauce.

Toumnar Sauce: my favorite spicy garlic sauce.

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